Cougar Love by Mr No Weapon who is also known as The Prince of the Talkbox

13th May, 2024
Cougard Love

Houston, Texas May 7, 2024 ( - Who is Mr No Weapon? Mr No Weapon is an R&B and Soul Singer and Songwriter from North Louisiana, Jonesboro to be exact, who is also known as the Prince of the Talkbox. Mr. No Weapon's Musical Talkbox was in His stage name comes from the Bible verse Isaiah 54:17, "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper".

What is Cougar Love? Cougar love is a slang term for a middle-aged woman who pursues romantic relationships with younger men. "Cougars" are often in their 40s or older and date men at least 10 years younger than them. This dynamic has become popular in the modern dating scene and challenges traditional dating norms.

What is a Talkbox? A Talkbox is sometimes referred to as a talk box as two separate words but is a musical effects unit that lets musicians alter the sound of an instrument by changing its frequency content and adding speech sounds.

Mr No Weapon's Cougar Love single was created to respectfully show love to beautiful women 45 years and older who prefer to love younger men. Mr No Weapon told LHMPR Radio Host Yvonne Wilcox that Cougar Love was inspired by "Computer Love" which was performed by ZAPP and Roger Troutman and was recorded in 1985 but not released until 1986, and it is still a well-liked song by many R&B fans today.

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